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	Include something about Historiography
Have a strong structure, don’t include random or off topic points
Write for a genius under a rock, someone who doesn’t know anything about your topic
Explain everything, don’t assume they know anything 
No first person 
Be formal 
Never say I think remove it and state the rest “I think that the Egyptians were more advanced than the Sumerians.” To “The Egyptians were more advanced than the sumerians.” 
One topic per paragraph, a clear topic sentence per paragraph
Everything should be to prove thesis
Read the essay out loud to know if the sentence makes sense 
Do not start a sentence with but
Use “due to” and replace “because” 
Must have a comma before “but” 

When you affect something you create an effect. Affect is a verb, effect is a noun. Affect is to make a difference, affect is to do something to. Affect before effect. Effect is the change that comes after an affect.