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This can take place in England or the United States. Whichever government has been more likely to be progressive/dictatorial.

With obesity and malnutrition rising (diets consisting of primarily fatty foods), the Congress or Parliament decide to take action by advertising electronically facilitated dietary supplements (come up with a name that fits well or a phase with a catchy acronym). These machines are patch like and attach to the abdomen and regulate the individualʼs vitamin and mineral levels. They contain a concentrated supply of numerous substances and require no user intervention.

Government starts with mandatory use of vitamin regulators to control malnutrition, perhaps only in third world countries. These pumps monitor the nutrient levels of the individual and inject vitamins and minerals as necessary. It is then brought to the united states for the health benefits. It had been a strong recommendation for pregnant women, but was generalized the population. It started with athlete endorsements. Some companies made it mandatory that all employees use them as the use was positively correlated with productivity. It was widely considered a health benefit (such as health care), rather than a stipulation in the contract. Health insurance companies charged exorbitant premiums for individual's not using the device. A new field was created for engineers manufacturing and designing the devices. The profit margins were so high that drug companies began to pay for prodigious student's tuition if they sign a contract promising the will work for the company. It soon became the foundation of the united states' work force (the president states this in a controversial All of these factors lead to: Once it became popular enough and numerous scientific studies showed a substantial increase in well-being as well as productivity, the united states made the use of these devices mandatory and subsidized them dramatically. This is after enormous lobbying, drug company support, etc (this is the biggest stretch in terms of believability). It was found that the united states' GDP found a new high as the use of the devices became more prevalent.

Corporations pressure the drug companies to produce a more fecund work force. This results in enormous congressional lobbying by numerous companies.

They move into neurotransmitter control.