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	 ! Thatʼs impressive. My dad wouldnʼt even go to my parent student teacher conferences when I was in middle school.
! Well, this must be a big one then. Thatʼs nice. I get too nervous when people spend money or travel to see me do something. Itʼs too much pressure.
! Well, there isnʼt a chance of being bad anyway. So...
! Youʼd be able to act as if it were part of the performance.
How long have you been preparing? Every weekend, three hours a day for how long?
! October-January three hours on Sat.. January to Feb for 6 hours a weekend.
Oct Nov Dec 3*4*3
Feb half way
72 hours. Or the equivalent of 3 straight days of practicing. Total of three hours of performing.
Thatʼs 24 hours, a day of preparing, for each one hour of performing. Thatʼs a lot...