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! Iʼm receiving my SAT scores tomorrow. Iʼm incredibly nervous. This would be a good time to have something to keep my mind off it; unfortunately, I donʼt. Iʼm looking forward to the Apple release of the Macbook Pro. Any information is speculation at this point, but I find the speculation addicting. Iʼm checking the blogs constantly for any updates.

! Itʼs difficult to pretend to be writing when youʼre not typing constantly. Thereʼs currently no new news on the Macbook Pro. I think Iʼm overheating. I should take my jacket off.

! I need to find a way to download the source of nearly a thousand webpages. Itʼd be a lot better if I eliminated duplicates. I need to get that software that checks each paragraph to see if it exists anywhere else in the file. After that, I need to open each link individually and then download its source. I could run an automator within an automator that allows for that. I would look the internal automator for however many links there are. I could do this by putting a variable that counts in the original applescript and then loop for that many times.