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! Iʼm exhausted and slightly worried about the amount of work Iʼll have from my new Bio course. I canʼt exactly work at my own pace. Iʼve got some work to catch up on...I missed a project in Psychology and a test in Psych. I still have the spanish test to make up. I still have to write an application for SVSM. And we were just talking about NCSSM, which was disconcerting. Hopefully, things will turn out for the best. I have no control really. Iʼm just a ball in a wooden maze. Iʼm hoping the biology will be close enough to review that I wonʼt have to do much reading. I also, just remembered, that I have to do a Philosophy final exam. That was a hard course. Things are pretty intense. Primarily the impending.

In order of required completion (or recommended):

Spanish Test SVSM application Philosophy exam Psych test

Psych project

This is going to a hard couple of weeks. I just took the SAT, I donʼt want to deal with this stuff. I just want my scores, that way, I may be able to gauge the level of effort I need to put into other things. Or rather, gauge how much I can slack off, my effort isnʼt going to increase, unless Iʼm intensely interested.