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! Iʼm currently working on a month long project that I put upon myself. This has probably been the hardest work Iʼve done. Iʼve had to think abstractly a multitude of times and have had to apply a variety of concepts Iʼve learned to complete the project. I think the hardest part of the project is the lack of feedback, knowing when youʼre right or wrong. This makes things difficult because, if you reach unexpected results (those that donʼt line up with what should occur) either your expectations are wrong, what you just did is wrong, or the basis on which you designed the entire project is wrong. Thatʼs a little enervating when youʼre dealing with a project youʼve committed so much time to complete.

! This project was so deep that I actually made an outline for writing the program. I simply wasnʼt capable of determining where I needed to start and where I needed to end without writing everything down. This is different from an essay because I only know where Iʼm going to go as Iʼm writing the essay.