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	 ! Oh my god, Joey is so hot. Iʼm looking at him right now, heʼs got such a chiseled chin. AN AMAZING PENIS. Heʼs got it all, Hannah thinks heʼs hers, but she has no idea what he likes. All of his girlfriends are like me, some people would be weirded out by that, but I think itʼs sweet. Anyway, weʼve dated a lot of the same girls, that makes us bestees. So yeah, Hannah isnʼt even competition, Iʼve got this thing all wrapped up. Just in case Iʼm going to try to poison hannahʼs food, I donʼt want to lose Joey, itʼs not crazy if itʼs for love. So yeah, Joeyʼs a nice kid, heʼd never hurt anybody. These freewrites are boooringg, I feel like Iʼm talking to a parent, I hate that shit. I wonder if youʼre allowed to curse in these and not get in trouble. hang on. FUCKKKKK! ... ... ... all right, everything seems cool. I guess I can talk freely now, thereʼs the XKCD comic thatʼs hilarious. Some guy whispers: “I know youʼre listening” when heʼs in empty rooms, if nobodyʼs there then nothing happens, but if someoneʼs listening, he freaks the hell out of them. Thatʼs awesome.