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	 ! Today has been a pretty good day. Weʼre starting a enrichment program in which, for two hours every friday, the students participate in an educational activity with a group and teacher that may not necessarily be academic. I enjoy the independence inherent in this project, although I donʼt believe my classmates interests are in line with mine. They suggest activities that more resemble hobbies than experimentation. I donʼt want to spend two hours a day on a forced activity that I donʼt enjoy, and because I would want to do something mathematical or scientific itʼs unlikely Iʼll be satisfied. Iʼd like to do something like active or applied mathematics, physics, or science. A more field approach than classroom approach. Field skills would involve the application and use of learned skills in the classroom, or learned knowledge. Putting biology to the test, representing a physical phenomenon using an equation that must be derived. This would prepare for the actual use of what we learn in school, and will not only allow existing interests to prosper, but show students that there is much practical application of science and mathematics. Itʼs unfortunate that many donʼt see the need for math, I think that many of my peers are knowingly or unknowingly buying into the busy work economy (anything that an advanced computer can do would be considered (by me) as a job not worth doing). Although a computer canʼt replace many of our jobs, they soon will be able to.