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	 ! We just had a Psychology test. I think I did well. Iʼm worried that I wonʼt remember the information once I pass the test. This is the kind of topic I want intrinsic motivation to do. And we even learned in Psychology that extrinsic motivation can hurt intrinsic motivation if intrinsic is already present. Thatʼs what Iʼm worried about. I think itʼll be all right though. I would rather talk about the concepts and then analyze things and come to the information on our own rather than just reading and then taking tests and quizzes. Itʼs more fun that way and requires more thought than just simple memorization and application. At least Psychology requires application as opposed to many other topics that donʼt require any application. Thatʼs what I donʼt like about Spanish, itʼs just mindless memorization. How does anyone find pleasure in that? The only natural reward I can see for that (the intrinsic motivation) would be if you were in another country whose native language is Spanish. Then you would be rewarded when you used the language. As a matter of fact, thatʼs latent learning because you are learning without reinforcement. You absorb the language because your brain sees it relevant to survival and you use the information regularly (rehearsal) which increases your ability to retain it. I donʼt particularly like these journals, I see a drastic decrease in my good mood when I write them. gra