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	 ! Todayʼs been pretty fun. I was freaking out last night because I was worried I had gotten someone in trouble because I was helping a friend. I was worried today would be a horrible day as a consequence. Itʼs been good, Iʼve had a lot of good moments with people I like, and thereʼs more to come. I just have to stay in the moment and not think about how well the next hour will go, thatʼs what Iʼve been doing and criticizing my day is not conducive to having a good one. Iʼve been worried about my friend Chad, heʼs been having a really tough time after his girlfriend broke up with him. Heʼs emotionally fragile, and heʼs not taking it well. Itʼs been the first time a girl has broken up with him, (I think) so itʼs especially hard, Iʼve been trying to help him, but he hasnʼt been listening. I wouldnʼt either if I were in his position. Thatʼs why Iʼm going to keep on it, and try to help him with making it through. I want to go to the mountains with him, it would be good for him to have some fun away from school and distractions. Heʼs been thinking about the entire situation almost constantly and he claims heʼs depressed as a result. I think I will be able to help a bit, he enjoys spending time with me. Xbox is great for him, if he does well in a game he doesnʼt care about anything else in the world. Thatʼs what I plan to do with him. Iʼll have to work out the schedule though, it can be hard when he has such a strict schedule and Iʼm only in the mountains for a few days when he doesnʼt have school off and was planning to go to his house for the remainder of the break. Iʼm not sure what to do, hopefully itʼll work out, for his sake. Other than that Iʼve been getting closer to a lot of people that I havenʼt been close to previously. Itʼs too bad that I didnʼt get close to them earlier, itʼs good to get close to people. Iʼve actually talked to people outside of school now, thatʼs something I seldom did my first two years of high school. Thatʼs why I think that this year will be better, because Iʼm able to talk to people and get to know them better.
Fearful of pain
Ready to burst
Able to be hurt
Grateful for relieve Intimidated easily
Love is found comforting Entropy confuses.