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	 ! Itʼs been an all right day. I wish I could play soccer today though. At least a practice. I really dislike Spanish. At the moment the people at my table are going off on particularly pointless conversation. I really dislike those, the conversations in which everyone artificially gloats. Or ones in which nobody really has a reason to speak. For instance, people talking about their past. I donʼt particularly care about otherʼs past, and they shouldnʼt care about mine. Itʼs the reason why we should only discuss things that are relevant to everyone participating in the conversation. Itʼs rude to do otherwise. One does not go onto a talk show and discusses their dull past, theyʼll talk about whatʼs happening now, and how itʼs relevant to viewers. They only time theyʼll talk about their past is when they aspire to be funny, thatʼs the purpose in that scenario, one that hopefully all may be able to enjoy. The exchange of information without purpose is all too common here. I will participate when the conversation is directed at me, otherwise I will not do so willingly. Some people use this type of conversation as a tool to be considered superior, they exploit it. What is accepted as an all parties feel good session becomes a one person gloat. And what is the most pathetic of this situation is that the others do not respond in dismay, but acceptance. Even when itʼs not done slyly. That kind of artificial inflation of oneʼs persona or otherʼs perception of them is one thing I dislike very much.