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	 ! Todayʼs been pretty good. Itʼs kind of boring though. I donʼt like to do the same things over and over again. I enjoy my Psychology class, primarily because Iʼm doing all right in it. I just took a quiz and I think that I didnʼt do too well though. Iʼve been focusing less on school recently, doing things at the last minute. Soccer has been interfering a bit I think. I donʼt like the way the year is starting out. Iʼm not doing well in Spanish of course, thatʼs one thing that I need to work on. Although I know I wonʼt work on it. Iʼve been having difficulty remembering specific things. Like names, and information. Thatʼs why I donʼt do well at school sometimes. I got a problem wrong on my Psychology test because I cheated. I asked Hannah what the answer to a problem was between a class and went back to finish the test and I changed it. My first answer was right. I suppose I deserved that though. I think itʼs often that this happens to me. I second guess myself and ask for help but it turns out that theyʼre wrong too. I would have gotten a much better score if it werenʼt for that problem. This happens to me, and yet I donʼt learn from it. Itʼs just the false-consensus effect, I believe what others do. It may just be an attention bias on my part, Iʼm only looking at the instances in which Iʼm right, as opposed to when Iʼm wrong and theyʼre right. The instances in which Iʼm originally right and they give me the wrong answer are really salient in my head. Thatʼs probably why I think this happens all the time. Iʼm going to try to change that.