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	 ! Todayʼs been a pretty good day. Iʼve liked Psychology a lot. Itʼs been fun talking about math and science for the majority of the day. Theyʼre the only subjects Iʼm interested thing. All of these journals are circumlocution, mainly because of the monotony of a day. The same routine yields the same thinking, maybe with a little twist. Thatʼs not how it should be, there should be variety in our days. Not only should schedules be changed, but we should be talking about new things everyday. I donʼt like that our Calculus class is unable to do some of the math, itʼs holding us back in our yearʼs progression. Iʼd like for that to change, but I really cannot. Spanish wasnʼt too bad today, primarily because I didnʼt have a test or quiz. My memory is terrible, this can easily be seen from my evaluations in Psychology. Iʼve been getting terrible results in short term and long term memory. Especially if I donʼt care about the subject, thereʼs no use for superfluous information. Thatʼs just how we function. Evolutionarily speaking, someone is more likely to survive if they donʼt have as much unnecessary information clogging their head. Mainly not clogging, but interfering with things they have nothing to do with. An extraneous thought may pollute a line of thinking that would otherwise be immaculate. We shouldnʼt have to take classes that donʼt matter. Spanish doesnʼt build my intellect, it just shows me how to study, which I donʼt follow anyway. School is just a measure of diligence, itʼs as simple as that. Some underlying concepts can come up from various topics. Ranging between the sciences and maths. And maybe between the humanities, and finally the languages. But few bridges between these immense fields exist. Itʼs hard to see how a concept founded by nature could have the same underlying structure as one by man. Thatʼs why math and science stand alone, and all observational learning needs to be based around them. What we study within those fields is irrelevant. We need to understand nature to improve our lives, itʼs that simple. We need to invent technology, not in society building, bridging gaps between cultures. The great technologies that have revolutionized the way the world works and lives come from one person, seldom a collection of ideas from millions or hundreds.