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	 ! We talked about happiness in Psychology today. I really dislike the subject. I donʼt feel anyone can quantify their happiness. Itʼs also an addictive thought subject. Itʼs the kind of thought that one can spiral into and cower to. Thinking about it just makes me dislike the state of my life, I always paint it in a bad light. I donʼt try to be happy, but when I think about it, I do. And when I do try, Iʼm usually unhappy. I donʼt know why I have to think about it, itʼs not a pleasant thought. I wish I could just ignore the subject altogether. I think that itʼs a difficult topic because bliss is so subjective and is based on hardly anything. Your satisfaction at any moment could be based off of misconceptions, ignorance, or any other factor that has little to do with what may be defined as true happiness. I lose energy when I think about happiness, as if I find the entire subject unsatisfying. I just want to learn what I want and perform what bring physiological happiness. s