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	 ! Today hasnʼt been very good. I got a very bad grade on my Spanish vocabulary quiz and Iʼve been pretty upset about it. Itʼs not that Iʼm upset that I got the bad grade, itʼs that I donʼt think that this year is going to go very well if thatʼs whatʼs considered an easy 100. I think the way foreign language is approached is ridiculous. It shouldnʼt be approached like math, which can be taught conventionally. If learning is really important, then theyʼll allow for a group of students to discuss in spanish and have no assessments. I donʼt think foreign language as a requirement is a good idea, itʼs not as if we all plan to move somewhere else. Itʼs also crazy that one can easily achieve a high grade just from studying, no thinking required. If I donʼt have to challenge myself (by critically thinking) then itʼs not worth doing. Thatʼs why I like math and science, because they require thinking. One doesnʼt always understand math right away. A new concept, relationships between concepts, it doesnʼt always take practice but also acceptance of ideas. And in order to accept an idea you need to really understand the components of the idea and relate it to something you take as a given or take to be true. Itʼs like classical conditioning in Psychology, there must be a basis for all learned behavior. That basis is what is already true to you, and the inferences based on those truths are what is learned.