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	 ! I hope Hannahʼs not reading this, because sheʼs certainly in view. So Hannah, if youʼre reading. Stop! Well, today was all right. I hated the Spanish vocabulary test. Doing well or poorly on them gives me no satisfaction because itʼs all extrinsic motivation. As opposed to math or science in which case I love learning about. Iʼve so many science and math based courses this year, itʼs great. Philosophy is a humanities but itʼs one of the few I enjoy. Iʼve got AP Calculus which is pretty nice, although Iʼm not interested in the beginning stuff weʼre doing now. Which is all review. I also have Physics which is not only easy, but fun. And I have AP psychology, which is great and fun. I really enjoy how it all seems common sense. Itʼs all founded in nature, and therefore almost any concept can be derived in some way or another by experience/ logic. The only problem is the memorization, I would really prefer only to memorize whatever Iʼm going to major in. Everything else seems unnecessary. Iʼm never going to need to know Spanish, the only reason Iʼm slightly interested is because itʼs based in latin, and relates to English in that respect. Other than that, my favorite class is probably Psych, because Iʼm naturally interested in it already. I mean it comes naturally to me as well, and itʼs always fun to think critically, which is what is done in that class. Iʼm not exactly sure what it will turn out as though. I mean I hope it doesnʼt digress into memorizing all of the parts of the brain and effects which are hardly observable. Keeping it simple and allowing for more depth is certainly the way to go. Thatʼs what weʼre doing in physics. I like how the book is structured because it allows for in depth study as an option, and only if youʼre interested in it you can go in depth.