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	Today has been all right. I really dislike Spanish though, the subject and my class. I feel like Iʼm restricted in some respects; like I could do more if I were in a better school or one that fits my interests. I really wish I could have a school with the students at SVSM. They were fantastic. I really enjoyed the similar interests and sometimes characteristics. Although, the environment Iʼm in now has had an effect on my personality. There are flagrant differences in personality between SVSM students and me. Especially non-academic interests. Academically, I enjoy the fact that they are able to bridge subjects and see knowledge not only pertaining to a field, but rather all fields. Thatʼs something that is hard to find in people, maybe itʼs a talent, maybe itʼs intelligence. Iʼve never really found anyone who does it all the time, or at least speaks when they see it. I also think that Iʼm getting a bit too confident in this environment, primarily when it comes to academics. I need more of a challenge, critical thinking. I donʼt want a free ride through high school. Iʼm capable of being aware of my own humility. Although, it gets harder as Iʼm given evidence to the contrary. I want to be in a place where I have to work hard and practice to be better. I want to be in a school that has kids who will think, rather than follow directions. Itʼs amazing how few kids question, moreover itʼs amazing how few kids see the importance of questioning. Itʼs not built into everyone, thatʼs understandable. But being unable to see why itʼs an important skill that helps with creativity is unacceptable.