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	 ! Today has been pretty good so far. Iʼve spent a lot of the day thinking about Math or Psychology. Weʼre learning Classical Conditioning in Psych and I think I have a good idea for secondary conditioning in which the conditioned response becomes the unconditioned stimuli for a second series. Iʼm unsure of whether or not this is possible. Because it is the subject that displays the response, are they able to use the response to trigger something else? Or is this actually what happens when weʼre exposed to a stimuli, a series of responses go off and depending on what is triggered, other things are triggered. For example: If a person say a bear, there natural response would be the releasing of adrenaline. Now letʼs say that we associate the seeing of a bear with the dinging of a bell. Now letʼs induce the adrenaline response by dinging the bell. And for the secondary response, what we must do is use the adrenaline release as the baseline for a second cascade of conditioned responses. For instance, the release of adrenaline for the movement of the right arm.