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	 ! Sometimes I really think my arguments are perfect, no major flaws. But when I ask for opinions I often receive somewhat negative feedback, such as a major missing point. I think perhaps Iʼm therefore better at criticizing arguments than creating them. I really dislike how when someone critics my argument they just see it one sentence at a time. Certainly, an argument consists of many premises, and all should be taken into consideration. They seem to see it as one idea at a time rather than a flow of ideas, they see it as one point at a time. They donʼt really focus on the big picture, even though it is the most important part of the argument. The premises I make are usually good ones, although perhaps I give into the other side a bit because I see both as logical. Of course theyʼre both logical, theyʼre being argued. It seems unnecessary to talk about something that is fact, a conclusion based on fact must be argued. Thatʼs why I donʼt like many of the discussions in english very much.