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I’m hoping that this class will allow me to become more aware of salient literature. I’m looking forward to discussing with the other students on topics of morality and philosophy. I’m afraid that this class will consist of too much reading for me. I would much rather spend a long time on one book that I really enjoy than a short time on many books that I don’t particularly enjoy.

I’m taking AP literature because I’m enforced to take English IIII and I could not take it any other time of the day.

I’d like to know what the format of the day will be. Will it be discussion or lecture?

Will I be able to keep up with the reading? The work? The assignments?

I’m primarily concerned about not being able to handle the quantity of work as I’m taking Calculus and Chemistry at UNC this year. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to do very well in Calculus as I won’t be able to dedicate the proper amount of time to it. It’s not that the work is sizable, it’s taking the time to understand the concepts that’s important to me.

I’m afraid that english will be a chore much like it was last year. I’m afraid that I will have to many of said “chores” and that I won’t be able to keep up.

I would tell them that they need to care more about math.

They would need to understand that working hard is crap unless you’re working for a good cause. That’s what’s important. You have to make sure that the path you’re on is the right one otherwise you’re wasting your time.

I’m afraid that I’ll be caught in doing something that I can’t stand. I’ll always feel like I’m waiting to get somewhere and I’ll never actually get there. That’s my ultimate fear.

I’m also afraid that I’ll get behind on work or something like that.

Truth is subjective -> all statements of truth are subjective -> all statements in this line of reasoning are subjective -> the statement “truth is subjective” is subjective -> no conclusion can be made about the truth of “truth is subjective”.