An assignment from ENGL 105 at UNC, among one of the more moronic of their universal requirements

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	1.	Emperor penguins’ huddling intensity is primarily dependent on ambient temperature while huddling occurrence was dependent on ambient temperature and wind speed. 
	2.	The article uses statistical analysis on pooled data from multiple years to indicate a causal relationship between observed behavior and environmental conditions. The article also uses conclusions gathered from other papers of a related topic to support assertions that are made in building the claim. 
	3.	Scientific Evidence
	a.	Empirical correlations using statistical analysis (linear and logistic regressions)
	b.	Frequency distributions (box and whisker plots)
	c.	Probabilistic models
	4.	Stylistic Characteristics
	a.	Direct language
	b.	Succinct syntax
	c.	Precise word choice
	d.	Thorough explanation of points