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We split our drawing into four different tombs. Three of which we designed ourself and the last one is what a poor feller tomb would look like. In the top left corner of the page Joe drew Anubis and which contained gold, scrolls, tablets and a table. In the bottom right corner Neil drew many items of necessity and wealth representations for himself in the afterlife. Items ranging from food and baskets, to solid gold bars and elaborate hieroglyphs. More importantly, “magic” scrolls were included to keep the body of Neil safe during his passage to the afterlife. The scrolls were important to the Egyptians, because they believed that they needed the scrolls to remain safe in the afterlife. In the bottom left corner Joey Drew may different thins you would need to survive in the after life. There is gold so he would have wealth and so he could get his needs. There is also a scroll, some food IE fruits and meats and he has sacrifices and hieroglyphs. There also is a sword for his protection from any other things that cold hurt him in the afterlife. He has a lantern so he could find his way out of the tomb when he awakens. He also has a mirror so he can fix his hair when he wakes up. Most importantly he has some of the worlds finest chocolate to make him all hipped up and happy when he wakes up and so he isn’t grumpy from his sleep.