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1. What are marine organisms classified by? 
        -How they move and where they live
2.What is a ridge of sand projecting into a bay with a hooked end?
3.What is fetch?
-fetch is the distance wind travels on open water
4.What is the average transfer of energy between trophic levels?
-2 percent
5.The rising of cold water to replace surface water is?
6.What is one disadvantage of using gas hydrates?
        - breaks down at surface temperatures and pressures
7.What is built to protect boats from large breaking waves
        - breakwater
8.What decreases beach erosion without the construction of protective structures?
        - beach nourishment
9.What are organisms that drift with the current called?
10.Because of the Coriolis affect the currents in the northern hemisphere?
-deflect to the right
11.What term is given for organisms that live on the ocean floor?
12.Which ocean zone does sunlight penitrate?
        - photic zone
13.Important mineral deposits  including large resevoirs of oil and natural gas are associated with what?
        - continental shelf
14.Approximatly how much of earth’s surface is covered by water?
        - 70 percent
15.Which layer of the ocean experiences a rapid change in density with depth?
        - pycnocline