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Hellenistic Era

How did Greek spread? 
Leaves soldiers behind
Encourages soldiers to many locals 
Enlists locals into military 
Which makes conquered people invested in Alexanders success

Built Cities
Commissions architects, masons, scientists, artists, mathematics - to go around the Mediterranean world, spreading Greek knowledge and culture. 

It spread to Italy
		-Italy adopted the language, the art, the religion, the philosophy, math and science. Most importantly they adopted the Secularism and celebration of human.

During the middle ages, on importance:                   man God

During the classical, major time of philosophy (of greece) periods:       Man god 


Peninsula - BUT, differences with Greece. 
Soil more fertile
Less islands - makes more united
Less rugged mountains - more united 			

Apennines (back bone) 

Divide Italy between East & West. Alps protect from North 

Between 1500 B.C. - 1000 B.C. 
	Migration of Indo - Europeans 
		They began to populate Peninsula, one of these peoples were the Latins - mostly farmers, herders, began to populate the western part of central Italy, began “Latium” s

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