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A. Carl watched as the clocks second hand ticked past twelve. He carefully pushed his chair away from his spotless counter scraping the tile floor of his Brooklyn apartment. It was now 7 o’clock and he allowed himself to eat. After countless minutes of debating he decided to go out to the new Italian restaurant on 3rd avenue. Carl took a very deep breath and walked over to the stove checking each knob to make sure it turned completely to the right. Slowly letting out his breath he walked over to the door and turned to face his apartment. He took a comb out of his pocket and stroked it threw his hair, and opened the door.

B. Carl lives in his Brooklyn apartment on his own. He was diagnosed with OCD as a young child and never got along well with people. He finds it terribly difficult and time consuming to make simple decisions. He’s also very cautious about what is happening around him. If something is not in the right place, or does not go as planned Carl is prone to panic attacks.