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Latins - Settled the middle of Italy called Latium

Etruscans settled in North Italy 

800 B.C. - Greek Colonization of south and east italy. 
		-influenced roman art and religion and language. 

Rome is founded in 753 B.C. On the Tiber river. 

	Falls under Etruscan rule. Inherited dress & military organization 

509 B.C. - Latins overthrew Etruscan kings & Establish Republic 

Structure of the Republic 
	509 B.C. - 31 B.C. 

Political organization: 

	Social Structure: 

	Patricians - Wealthy, land owning
	Plebeians - Poor Farmers, urban poor
	Finally Slaves 

Senate of 300 members - All Patricians

	The 300 members elect the Centuriate (12 members) 

	The Centuriate elected 2 consuls (military leaders) and 1 praetor (keeping law & makes judgements) 

	In 471 B.C. - The Plebeians (majority of population) formed a council.

			They struggle for power, in 287 B,C, - do get power to pass some laws - never as powerful as the senate. 

Roman Law

12 Tables of Roman law 

Roman law applied to all Roman Citizens 
Innocent until proven guilty

During the first 300 years of the Republic - they were at war 

	During this time the confederation developed 

They granted conquered people citizenship in return for military service.