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Civics is to democracy as addition is to calculous. Without the basic education of either subject, it would be a pertinent conclusion that one would be unable to perform the advanced. The ideal democracy is built on the assumption that individuals will both partake in the opportunities provided to improve their lives as well as educate themselves to an extent where they are effectively able to do so. Therefore it would be quite overt that if citizens did not partake in the opportunity to educate themselves they are unable to be appropriately represented and thus improve their lives. It can then be deduced that given the nature of humans and their improvident nature, the existence of a true democracy is dependent on the unachievable perfection of humans.

The idea of democracy has been exploited by governments both as a label and a covertly deceptive appearance. This is not made possible by some oligarchical group using brute force to maintain power, for that would not be covert. It is due to the exploitation of the foundation of democracy; people. Since the neolithic revolution there have been countless attempts to maintain power while keeping the majority of their subordinates complacent. Americas sect of democracy has found a successful balance between libertarianism and authoritarianism to maintain control, and while it may not be perpetual, it has proven itself where others have failed.

Democracy is designed to “solve” the weak spots in other government styles, the foremost of which is a revolution of the people. In a democracy the people cannot revolt because they themselves are the alleged leaders, they can merely adapt their voting habits to what they desire. But they are unable to realize this because their vision is restricted by the perils of being human (greed, disdain). And they are unlikely to escape this restriction because those unsatisfiable desires are incorrectly perceived to be quenchable in the one place they unknowingly sacrifice their labor to maintaining power to those who blind them. This circles to a prior statement made, regarding the requirements for a successful democracy.