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Is Democracy the best form of government? - Outline

	The concept of democracy is built on the assumption that individuals will both advocate  policies that have the potential to ameliorate their lives as well as familiarize themselves with the information which enable them to be correctly represented. Therefore a benevolent Democracy pragmatically cannot exist because it’s dependent on the independent action of humans. The appeals are what allow our Democracy to remain afloat; utilitarianism, simple liberties, and representation are either potentials for our democracy or have been exploited as a tactic to divert attention away from these potentials. 

	I.	Why did Democracy come about? What makes it superior to the other forms? 
	A.	Since the Neolithic Revolution organizers of people have attempted to maintain peace between the bureaucracy and citizens. 
	B.	It is superior because it covertly allows the government to steer the country due to the people being uninvolved.
	C.	Democracy is a balance between authoritarian and libertarian government.
	D.	It deludes the people into believing they have the power to direct the country our its form into anything they’d like, although the constitution and limited governmental power disallow restructuring the governments form. 

	I.	How does Democracy successfully disable revolution?
	A.	Let it be noted that a Revolution is: a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. According to the (New American Oxford Dictionary Edition 2009). 
	B.	The alternative Democracy provides is adapting your voting habits
	1.	This is ineffective because in 2008, 36.4% of our population did at all participate in the election. ( And on average the voter turnout in the US from 1960-1995 was 54% ( Not only is this an extraordinarily low turnout but many of those who vote are not educated with the necessary information. 
       C. The United States feeds the public with hope of social mobility & freedoms that           	aren’t present anywhere else in the world. Our government taxes us for	unnecessary wars.