An outline for America an Imperialist Democracy

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	It is quite ironic that in order to “liberate” a country, force is needed to oppose the same people who “require” said liberation. The objective of “The War on Terror” has inflated as the years progress. And has reached the point where any given mission is at the complete discretion of our government. Government, much like every other tangible and non-tangible entity, evolves. And through this evolution comes an end product that can be circumscribed and labeled. It can then be said that a forceful opposition to this end, is a deliberate action against natural forces, and is therefore an action that should be executed. 

	Specify the above statement: 
	1.	A government is formed by the people, the people are formed by the environment, therefore each government differs due to the socioeconomic climates. 
	2.	The intervention and establishment of an outside force is naturally repulsed, due to the vastly different perspectives. 
	3.	Prior to excess recourses engendered by a community, an organization had no reason to enforce law on others, but was only concerned with internal matters. 
	4.	National Security? More like international security!

	1.	Most major humanitarian issues have been induced by dependency. A self-sufficient society is all that can prosper. 
	2.	Dependency breeds weariness. This has manifested in all types of issues, one major one is our dependency on fossil fuels. We are neglecting to research alternative resources. 
	3.	It Just Works - Imagine America as peanut butter and Iraq and Afghanistan as chocolate. Jelly (democracy) goes great with peanut butter but not chocolate. It is up to Afghanistan and Iraq to shape their own marshmallow (government). We’re proud to be a democracy because it’s our own creation, let them have theirs. 
	4.	To reverence Ancient greek philosophers, the ideal government is dependent on the people (elaborated with size, location etc). 

	Conclusion: Given the severe discontent humanity has with human suffering, intervention was deemed necessary. Sympathy is a trait exclusive to humans, which is why we galvanize our government to intervene based on our feelings. To humans, death is less than a part of life, it’s an obstacle we surmise as conquerable, because we’re blinded by our own ambition. 

This essay topic is better refined as: Why is installing government problematic?
Given the nature of this question I chose not to include three sources because there is no requirement for historical background but rather intense logical deduction. And rather than injecting unnecessary references that achieve nothing, I decided to simplify. Because “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” - Leonardo Da Vinci ( Just in general this is a great source for this debate: