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Topic: A society has an obligation to ensure adequate healthcare for its citizens. 

Restructured Topic: A government has a moral obligation to provide sufficient healthcare for those citizens that cannot provide it for themselves. 

Large group/organized group


Make sure 


Is adequate healthcare collective? Should it be equal to everyone on earth? Or should it be specific to each citizen or each society? 

My Opinion: Adequate healthcare can not be collective. The needs of the population are always underestimated -George Orwell 1984. The “society” should be provided an alternative option for a low class citizen, while remaining in an open market assisting in the society’s economy. Typically, healthcare is provided with a job, the healthcare plan (provided by a government or private company) is specifically designed for the employee. Affordable and sufficient Healthcare should be available to low income members of the society, if not provided by the private companies, the government has an obligation to provide such option. 

A key word choice here is the contrast between society and citizens. A society is a collection of those of whom are apart of a working national structure. A citizen is a person who has all LAWS and RIGHTS of the society pertain to them. This makes citizens a subdivision of society. Society can consist of illegal inhabitants of the country. 

National health is important to a country. Distribution of health should be equal to that of capital. A proposal is a system similar to Social Security, or a branch of it providing those who can’t afford it adequate healthcare based on their situation. 

What is the target, the ulterior behind the question? 

Pro: Low ranking healthcare by international standards are associated with low fecund nations. Government (indirectly by society through taxes) provided healthcare would assist in a society’s economic prosperity. 

Con: Maintaining adequate healthcare for citizens is impossible. Ultimately leading to bankruptcy of the government or society. 

Healthcare is NOT a right. 

All cases should have: 

AGD/Introduction including the big picture 
Definitions to clarify/set boundaries on the round. 
List of all contentions (points) 1,2,3
Contention 1,2,3 All should incorporate both logic and stats
Conclusion including a tie back to how contentions and logic support your BIG PICTURE IDEA. 

AGD: Attention grabbing device 

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4 Team A rebuttal 
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Team A Final Focus
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You need to base something interpretational like a definition on something that is not. For instance you should base moral obligation on capability because your capability is not interpretational while your moral obligation is. This gives structure to your argument that they cannot counteract. 


A society (in this statement government) has an obligation to provide adequate healthcare to those who cannot afford it in the current open market system. Otherwise those who can afford adequate healthcare are held back by those who cannot. (which is not fair and also a republican view, kind of). 

Open market is acceptable as long as government (or societal) regulations are put into place. Which doesn’t make sense because in an open market system an open market and prices are determined by the society. 

Does the society drive the system or does the government drive the society? Are they codependent? Is that why communism doesn’t work? 

This is so socialist!

Adequate healthcare can only successfully pertain to a certain group of people who share very similar health related qualities or national affiliation. As it is an obligation, it must be met to the best of the ability of the provider. The statement is not possible because the society must provide a diversity of healthcare options to pertain to each of the different life style which is not pragmatic. For example, in a successful open market system like the United States, healthcare is often provided through an employer. The employees plan is based on the situation they are in and meeting the appropriate needs of the individual. A global collective environment is impractical, there should always be limitations set on individual healthcare to ensure equality. For instance, certain health related rights in America pertain only to Americans and other countries respectively. With a growing rift between those who can afford healthcare and those who cannot, healthcare that is provided by a society must pertain to that society alone, and what is considered “adequate healthcare” should be determined by the capability of the society to provide such healthcare. This makes the strength of a society’s economy the direct determiner of the strength of the healthcare. This establishment of codependence is key when attempting to structure a sustainable interaction. The intervention of the society should only occur (assuming we are dealing with an open market system) if the citizen is incapable of providing himself with adequate healthcare, making healthcare a positive right.