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The Cold War 
1948 - 1991

Conflict setup by days of War of War 2. War in Europe ends may 8th 1945 (veterans day) War in pacific ends after atomic bombs. Dropped on hiroshima (August 6th) & Nagasaki (August 9th). 

Before the end of the war, tensions between the soviets and the united states. 

Tehran Conference …. Meetings between Stalin, 
Yalta Conference …… roosevelt & churchill (Big 3)
Postdam Conference…..Roosevelt died- harry truman represents the US (VP became president) 
Clemet atlee has become British PM

Decision: unconditional surrender, split up Germany, different spheres of influence (ie Iran & Korea) 

First signs of cold war 
-Partition of Germany (into zones) 
-Civil war in Greece (1946-1949)
	First proxy war! - Soviets supported Communists (surprise!) US supports republic
Berlin Blockade ALL IN 1948
Soviets Blockade West Berlin which is in East Germany

Berlin Airlift 
Beginning of COLD WAR