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Classical Athens

Becomes a democracy 508 B.C.

King, Cleisthenes, invites citizens to come debate laws 

Who are citizens? 
	Men (Athenian...connotation for race) 
	Land Owning = $ 
	Can’t be a slave
	Mostly living in the city 

Athenian Democracy is not pure democracy (rule of the people). 

Height of Athenian democracy was under Pericles (461 B.C. - 429 B.C.) 
								Age of Pericles 

Development of Greek Philosophy 

Pythagoras - answers to life found in math and music (580 B.C. - 500 B.C.)
Socrates - (470 B.C. - 399 B.C.)
	Philosopher & Teacher, he never wrote anything. Fascinated by the learning process, best way to teach: Ask Questions : Socratic Method.
	Reasoning - certain questions would lead people to uncover the answers that were already inside of them. 

Focus = Good & Evil, Justice, Spirituality. 

He asked “Is there absolute good or absolute evil?” 

Trial of Socrates, put to death for corrupting the truth. We know this because of his student Plato. 

How can there be infinity, the fabric of space time would break. Only space no notion of time. 

Plato (428 B.C. - 347 B.C.) 

Student of Socrates

Archetypes  		Realm of Ideas