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I actually watched Citizen Four a few weeks before this assignment, because our discussions about Snowden during

I absolutely loved the film, and rewatched it immediately.

I expected Snowden to be a nerd, who had issues on a primarily cybersecurity level with what the government was doing.

Snowden is incredibly articulate, and has very clear and respectable views on the role of government in society. He seems to have thought a lot even before leaking the information.

I really admired his desire to keep himself out of the spotlight for as long as possible, in order to ensure that the importance of the story is felt.

Unfortunately, despite his sacrifice and the reporter’s best efforts to educate the public on these matters, it doesn’t appear as though much has changed.

John Oliver interviewed Snowden a few months ago, and after interviewing (presumably non cherry picked) individuals from the street, most did not remember Snowden.