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Joe and Rachel…….Slaves
Joe and Rachel……..Lower Class
Joey and Rachel…….Relationship Dudes
Corey Annabelle and Hannah…….Sub Chiefs
Corey and Aubrie……...Traders
Aubrie Annabelle and Hannah……...Upper Class
Thousand People……..Everyone (except for Kathryn)

KT: “In these societies, the population varied from several thousands to tens of thousands.”

(All Actors take around 30 seconds, Joey is the one Rachel is the coma)

KT: “It was most commonly found that the relationship between these peeps was not by blood or marriage, and was hardly a first name basis.” 

(Joey and Rachel take around 15 seconds) 

KT: “It was most common in these societies that the people would speak the same or very similar version of their language.” 

(Annabelle says “I like cats” then people in a line say “I understand what you’re saying”)

KT: “Decision making among the communities was governed by the Chief.” 

Shebly: “Whoever gets me water first gets this shiny object.”

(Everyone runs except Joey to get water from the kitchen) 

Joey: “Can I have that?”

Shelby: “Why not?”

(Shelby hands Joey the object which is nothing, he looks at, and pops it into his mouth, then Aubrie comes back first   everyone is still in the Kitchen)

Aubrie says while panting: “Here’s your water, can I have the shinny object?”

Shelby says while pointing to Joey: “He ate it.”
KT: “The main chief made the larger decisions while the sub-chiefs made the smaller decisions.” 

Shelby: “I declare we eat Boulders!!” 

Hannah: “I declare we eat Caterpillars!!”

Annabelle: “You know when you squish-”

Shelby interrupts her: “Shut up!”

KT: “The information was often known only by the chiefs.” 

(Shelby whispers in Hannah’s ear and makes a shhing noise Joe comes up on the stage.) 

Hannah says pointing to Joe: “I know a secret and youuu don’t!!”

KT: “In the societies conflict resolution was solved within the limits of their religion.” 

KT: “Also in these societies, the labor was preformed by the lower classes.”

(Shelby sits in a chair and Joey Joe and Rachel lift her up)

Shelby: “Slaves! Bring me over there, no over there, actually over there, ahha forget it I’ll walk.” (she takes three steps).

KT: “These civilizations used trade.” 

Aubrie: “I’ll trade you this rock for your house, the rock is fire proof!” 

Corey: “Ok!” 

KT: “In small communities the people would control the land, and in larger communities the Chiefs would control the land, the Chiefs also had luxury goods and were mostly found with public architecture.”