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Monasticism refers to the practice of living the life of a monk.

Wergild was the amount paid by a wrongdoer to the family of an injured person.

A Fief was the grant of land from the lord to a vassal in return for military service.

Theology is the study of religion.

The Taille was an annual direct French tax on land or property.

Governments that attempted to reestablish centralized power were called new monarchies.

12 (Chap 9). Feudalism can be considered a political system because it describes the relationship between classes of people. It would more fit the category of a social system.

13 (Chap 9). The important political institution that emerged during the reign of Edward the first was a representative government, another was the English Parliament.

17 (Chap 9). The Byzantine Empire lasted around 1000 years.

24 (Chap 10). 1492 is important because Ferdinand and Isabella tried to get rid of all professed Jews from Spain.

17 (Chap 10). The longbow is superior to the crossbow because it had greater striking power, longer range and a faster rate of fire than the crossbow.

28 (Chap 9). 1425