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The upper fortified part of a city, the acropolis, was a place of refuge during an attack. 
The Hoplites were a heavily armed military order of infantrymen or foot soldiers. 
Marching shoulder to shoulder in a rectangular formation was known as phalanx. 
Athenians devised the practice of ostracism to protect temselves against overly ambitious politicians. 
According to the Greek philosophy of Epicureanism, humans are free to follow self-interest as a basic motivating force. 
Greek citizens assembled in an open area called an agora that also served as a market. 

	1. What is significant about the Age of Pericles?

The age of pericles was so significant because he allowed the people to participate directly in government decision making. This was carried out through huge meetings. Only those who could be categorized as citizens could attend. 

	2. Who were the philosophers of classical greece? 

The philosophers of classical greece were Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Pythagorus. 

	3. How were Greek women kept under strict control?

Women in ancient greece could no own property beyond personal items. The also had a male guardian. The woman's main role in life was to bear children, preferably men.

		4. What caused the Spartans to create a military state? 

The Spartans took over many neighboring states in need of more land. All of the people they captured were known as helots, and to control the conquered helots they created a military state. 

		5. What is the meaning of the term Hellenistic?

Alexander created a new age known as the Hellenistic era, the word is derived from a greek word meaning “to imitate Greeks.” 

Analyze the location of the Greek colonies. What generalizations can you make about their locations?

		1. All of the major greek colonies border at least one body of water and do not extend very far into the mass of land. They are all on the coast.