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Chapter 11

	Using Key Terms & Reviewing Key Facts

The Iroquois built tepees , made of wooden poles and covered with bar, to house many families.
Sun-dried bricks are called adobe
The Aztec ruler allowed others to rule semi-independent territories if they paid tribute, goods or money paid by those conquered. 
The areas of Mexico and Central America that had civilizations before Europeans arrived are called Mesoamerica. 
What did the Spanish bring to the Americas that contributed to the destruction of the early civilizations?
The main disease that they brought with them was Smallpox. They also carried various diseases, but Smallpox did the most damage. 

Why did the Inca use quipu?
 The quipu was in place so that the Incas could record history without writing. They tied knots in woven strands of different colored yarn. 

Chapter 7

	Using Key Terms & Reviewing Key Facts

1. The griots (storytellers) were the historians of Africa. 
Swahili refers to a mixed African-Arabian culture and a major language spoken by the peoples of coastal Africa. 
A stateless society consists of a group of independent villages with a local ruler. 
Name at least four distinct geographic zones or geographic elements of Africa.
Desert, Mild Zone, Rain Forest, Savanna 

What role did Berbers play in African trade? 
Goods were bought from local traders, they were then sold to Berbers who carried them across the desert.