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1. A formal accusation of a crime issued by a grand jury is an indictment.
2. The criminal act of verbally lying about another person to harm that personʼs
reputation is slander.
3. Procedures established by law and guaranteed by the constitution are rights?
4. A formal request for government action is a petition.
5. The right of the government to take private property for public use is eminent domain.
6. A sum of money paid in exchange for the right to vote is a poll tax.
7. Banning printed materials because they contain alarming or offensive ideas is
8. The criminal act of printing lies about other people is libel.
9. Money paid to the court by an accused person to guarantee that he or she will appear
for trial is bail.
10. The right to vote is suffrage.
11. The five basic freedoms provided by the first amendment are freedom of religion,
congregation, press and petition.
12. That trial was significant because it was argued that educational segregation is
13. The reason why the third amendment was included was because the mistreatment
of americans by the british when at war.
14. The protection against double jeopardy is important because it prevents the
defendant from being imprisoned after a first trial. No case can by tried twice.
15. The importance of that case was that no state can have a law that opposes federal law, and that all citizens regardless of their location within the united states have the
same basic rights.
16. The importance of the 14th amendment is mention above.
17. The purpose of both were to promote the advancement of minority races, opposing
segregation nonviolently.
18.The incorporation of the bill of rights means that no state is exempt from the
19. My uncles a lawyer and I went to a mock trial at fordham university...does that work?