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Independent variable - The factor in the equation that is not determined by any other component in the equation. 

Dependent variable - A factor in an equation that is determined by the independent and various components such as constants and their relationships. 

Linear Relationship - Throughout the entire domain (input values), the relationship between any given outputs is the same. 
	Slope -  the relationship between any given outputs is the same. 

Quadratic Relationship - The output of the equation is dependent on the square of the input. 

	Slope - the slope at any given point is dependent on the original equation.

Scientific method - obtain data, make predictions, test predictions. 

Scientific law - a rule of nature that sums up related observations describing a pattern of nature. 

Scientific theory - An explanation based on many observations supported by experiment. 

Significant digits -  Valid digits in a measurement. Results can never be more precise than the least precise measurement. e.g. 3.86 + 2.4, round to tens place.  

Measurement - comparison between an unknown quantity and a standard.