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To Whom It May Concern:

The High school Students of Woods Charter School would like to propose the use of cellular phones during their lunch hour. Because there is only one phone for students to use during the lunch hour, the use of cell phones would stop any lines and congestion in the office to wait for the phone. We also feel as though we do not have the appropriate information to contact our parent or guardian (phone numbers) and require our cell phones to do so. Reasons for contacting said parent may be a sudden change in an after school activity that has come to the students attention during the school day and needs to be communicated to the parent. This privilege must be matched by the appropriate usage of cell phones, and the compliance of the restricted time frame (Lunch). If these rules are not met, the cell phone will be confiscated. If an individual continues to abuse this privilege, it may result in the permanent loss of this privilege for that certain individual. If a substantially large amount of the student body does not comply with these rules, the High school as a whole will lose this privilege. Thank You.

Signed by the members of Student Council: