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Middle Way - Moderation 
Sought to purify hinduism 


			    (Great world soul)
			Every living thing is part of Brahman 
		Goal: To achieve union with Brahman 

How to achieve? 


Follow dharma, have good karma 
	Not a simple task
Know 4 Noble Truths and follow 8 fold path…

4 Noble Truths 

Life is suffering
The cause of suffering is Desire
Extinguish suffering, Extinguish Desire 
Extinguish desire through 8 fold path 

8 Fold Path

Know the truth
Resist evil 
Do nothing to hurt others 
Respect all forms of life 
Work for the well being of others
Free your mind of evil 
Control your thoughts 
Practice meditation 

You can achieve union with Brahman in one life time...but if you don’t you will be reincarnated and get another chance. 

*Buddha is not a prophet. Not to be worshiped. 


Civilization in China arose between the Yangtze and the Huang-ho river 

8000 B.C. - growing wheat, rice and barley and had begun their Neolithic revolution early. They also had a domestication of animals. 

1750 B.C. - 1911 B.C. - series of dynasties