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	1. The bow is the foremost point of the hull of a ship or boat. The stern is the rear of a
ship or boat. Drag is the sum of all the aerodynamic or hydrodynamic forces in the
direction of the external fluid flow.
Flat Bottomed:
Vee Hull:
3. Flat Bottoms usually have a rough ride because of the flat bottom pounding on each
wave. They also tend to be less stable and require careful balancing. The round bottom
move easily through the water, especially at slow speeds. They do, however, tend to roll
unless they are outfitted with a deep keel or stabilizers.  The Vee bottom tends to have a
sharper entry into the water that provides for a smoother ride in rough water. They do,
however, require more power to achieve the same speed. Catamarans wide stance
provides greater stability. I could not find the advantages of a wine glass hull and the
multi-chined hull.
4. Our team chose the vee hull because we wanted to be stable unfortunately we did not
know that it would be very hard to balance our boat.
5. I hypothesize that our boat will be very unsteady however it will not completely