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Shield Sheafson - great king of ancient danes.

Hrothgar made a mead-hall to show his success. Drink mead - honeywine

The hall was called Heorot.

Grendel descended from kane/cain.

The Danes make offers to pagan shrines to hurt grendel.

Beowulf, nephew of Goatish king, He lives in Geatland.

Wulfgar, asks of his business, he tells the king.

Offers to fight grendel unarmed.

At feast before battle, Unferth is jealous of beo. Says beo lost swimming match.

Wealhtheow, queen of danes, enters with goblet, drinking glass, offers to men of mead hall.

Night falls, danes leave, grendel approaches.

A Danish bard sings Beowulf’s story to honor him and also recites the story of Sigemund, a great hero who slew a terrible dragon. The dragon was the guardian of a treasure hoard, which Sigemund won by slaying the dragon.

Hrothgar happy, beo is in his heart as a son.

Hrothgar gives a great banquet. Gives beo treasure, armor.

Wealtheow gives beo chain mail.

Aeschere, trusted advisor, is stolen by Grendel’s mother. Took grendel’s arm as well.

Beowulf goes into the swampy water, with Unferth’s sword “Hrunting", gives his sword to unferth.

Swims down for a long time. Can’t hurt mother with sword. He notices sword made for a giant. Blade cuts her neck. Decapitates grendel’s body. Danes think he’s dead, geats wait.

Giant sword melts. Swims to surface with head and hilt of sword. Four men carry sword.

beowulf gives Hrothgar the sword end and the head. Gives sword back to unferth.

Geats Give reward to watchmen. return to hall of Hygelac. Hygelac greets beo, his wife, Hygd, pours mead for them.

Beo tells them what happened, offers treasure to king. Gives queen a priceless necklace.

Hygelac is killed in battle. Beo rules for 50 years.

A dragon is angered by a slave that steals his treasure. Dragon guarding for 300 years. The dragon incinerates homes and villages, can’t find the guy.

Beo throne gets burned, asks god why? Gets a shield from iron smith, thinks he can take on the dragon alone because he beat grendel alone.

beo originally declined the throne, but after the son of them died, he took it.

Beowulf senses his own death. Beo shouts at dragon, dragon comes. Beo not strong enough to hurt dragon. Only Wiglaf stays and fights with beo. others flee. Sword breaks. Dragon bites beo’s neck. Wiglaf stabs dragon belly, hurts hand. Beo takes knife and stabs side of dragon. Dragon dies. Venomous dragon. Sends wiglaf to get treasure from dragon, easier to die. Beo thanks god for treasure. Orders Wig to tell Geats to build him a barrow called “Beowulf’s barrow”. Gives collar to wiglaf. Dies.

Men are ashamed they didn’t help. Worried that others will attack them now that beo is dead. Burn beo. place remains on top of hill.