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“Ok, lets play!” I said to Dameon serving the ball. The school day was over and we P.E began. This week’s unit was bad mitten, I liked to play bad mitten but after three weeks of playing got a little boring.

“Your serve,” Dameon said to me handing me the birdie. “So how do you like the year so far?” Dameon asked. I stuttered, I wasn’t sure what to say because I didn’t want to disagree with him and get in an argument.

“It’s ok.” I said trying to act casual. “Ya I guess, but I just hate all the homework.” Just then our PE teacher walked back into the gym.

“Wrap it up guys.” He yelled filling the gym with his rough voice. “What class do you have after this?” Dameon asked. “I think its Math.” I replied. “What teacher do you have?” Dameon asked. “Ms Crobople.” “Oh, I heard she’s good.” “Ya she is, but it still doesn’t make up for the fact that there’s this girl in the class that likes me but I don’t like her. And she keeps being really nice to me but every time I see her I just can’t tell her I don’t like her.”

“Wait, what’s her name?” “Emma.” As soon as I said that I regretted it. Dameon liked to hang out with the girls a lot ever since he was in third grade he would always sit with them with lunch, play with them at recess. And tell them anything. And if the word got out and Emma found out what I said, everyone would hate me for what I said.

“Do you want me to tell her for you?” Dameon asked. I was about to answer but I was interrupted by the bell. “Come on Dameon walk with me.” I called waving him over. We went into the locker room and started to change. “About Emma, can you not tell her, or anyone, please?” I asked trying to keep my voice low.

“No problem.” He said smiling. We walked out of the locker room and went our separate ways. I walked into math class and saw Emma sitting in the first row. I opened my math book and pretended to read it while I walked past her and took a seat in the back row. Unfortunately when I was pretending to read I didn’t see that I sat next to Jacob Braff. Who was known for getting people in trouble. I tried to ignore him doodling on his notebook but that wasn’t the only thing distracting me. I kept thinking about Dameon. And if he would keep his promise. Suddenly Jacob whacked me in the head.

“What the hell?” I said a little to loudly. “Excuse me?” Ms Crobople said. Oh crap, she heard me. “Tom, when I address your name in attendance please reply here or present. And do not say that word again. Do you understand?” she said furiously.

“Yes maim.” I replied sinking into my chair. After she had turned around to write something in the chalkboard I tapped Jacob on the shoulder. “Why did you do that?” I asked him. “ Because she called your name like four times while you were in your own little happy land.” He said trying not to laugh at his unbelievably pathetic joke. “Well you still didn’t have to-.” I was cut off by Ms Crobople.

“Tom please pick up your things and move to the front of the class, NOW!” She was really mad now. I got my stuff and walked to the front of the class. There was only one seat left. Next to Emma.