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        The results from the surveys that I collected clearly indicate that there is a present but miniscule difference between the emotions and actions of teenage mothers compared to older mothers. There were a few similarities that I found very surprising, mostly given on the age each of the mothers became pregnant, as well as the time period they were in. One was the original reaction was actually the same, of course we must take into account neither of these were unplanned pregnancies. Not only was the reaction of the mother surprising but the reaction of the family and friends which happened to be the same for both woman. Considering they first became pregnant at very different periods in history, with different concerns running through the publics mind as well as political influences. I was surprised the reaction of the loved ones would be entirely different, but it was not. One similarity that I was not surprised to find out was that at the point of filling out the server neither one of them regretted having children. 

        One environmental influence that was present regardless of where you were in the world or how well you protected your children. Was how your children as well as the elders were treated. This had certainly changed between the two pregnancies which resulted me in uncovering the difference between the two parents. Which was the parent who’s child grew up in the most recent time period felt as though their child was safer, as opposed to the mother who had her child many year earlier and believe her children were exposed to things that could have been prevented. Overall I believe that both mothers were qualified to take care one or more children regardless of their age, and based on the survey that I received back from them they both did very well.