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Scene 1
Leon: B-2A Stealth Bomber (in low deep voice)(you can’t see Leon)
Camera: showing the B-2A Bomber made out of cardboard painted black with strings attached to the top flying in the foyer with a blue sky and clouds painted on a cardboard. Ask for an extra person as the cameraman.
Joe: The B-2A Stealth Bomber is the most expensive plane ever
built! It can cost over two billion dollars!
Leon: That’s a lota dough!
Pause camera.
Scene two
Leon: The B-2A bomber can hold up to 80,000 pounds of weapons!
Camera: showing the bomber landed and no strings and a piece of written on cardboard with one string saying: 80,000 pounds. Then the cardboard is lifted onto the plane.
Joe: I can hold that much!
Camera: Joe holding a beanie bag over his head that says 80,000 pounds. And Joe falls dramatically.
Pause camera.
Scene three
Joe: The USA uses it for war! This is the B-2A bomber attacking a city.
Camera: The B-2A bomber flying in the air. Camera zooms out. Shows a city underneath the bomber. Shows a person with a string on his head. He says
Leon: Look, it’s a bird!
In different voice Joe: It’s a plane!
In normal voice Joe: No it’s
Together: SUPERMAN!
Camera: shows superman fighting the B-2A bomber.
Superman wins.
The plane falls to the ground killing the guy. The guy says
Leon: Oww
Pause camera
Fourth Scene
Joe and Leon standing next to each other Joe shows two pictures and Leon shows two pictures
Joe: These are actual pictures of the B-2A bomber.
Together: THE END
Pause camera.
Credits. Put on to a DVD.