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        Upper Class citizens: 

        Were often military professionals, one advantage was they lived in a barracks. There land was farmed by serfs, they served in the army and could vote. They were very well respected, and the higher class worriers. They did not have to do any manual labor at all, and controlled the government of the state. 


        These people would often be in the Perioeci class. These people were free but not official citizens of Sparta. They were only allowed to travel to other cities. They lived in small houses and their occupation was either an artisan, craftsmen or a merchant. They could not vote or serve in the army. 


        These people were the decedents of those who resisted Sparta, and constantly rebelling. They were treated much like slaves and were required to give half of there produce to the Sparta citizens who owned the land. 

Other Questions:

        I would rather live in Sparta if I was a teenage girl, because they were treated more like equals. They were educated in reading and writing, they could also learn survival skills. And most importantly could participate in sports. 

        If I were a slave I would also like to live in Sparta, mostly because unlike in Athens I couldn’t be killed by my owner whenever he/she pleased. 

        If I were me, I would certainly rather live in Athens because I would be educated well in reading, writing, mathematics, music, poetry, sport and gymnastics. I would be educated for a pretty long time, and had the opportunity to learn more. Plus, I wouldn’t have to be left on my butt, when I was seven with no clothes, shoes or food which would be the case if I was in Sparta. 

        If I were a wealthy person I would rather live in Sparta because I would be in more control of the people. I would likely be a member of the senate, and would have more say than if I were in Athens.