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Built Empire 

Conquered through terror

Transportation / communication good

But...empire not sustainable 


Arose (modern iran)

600 B.C.- 
King Cyrus defeated Babylon

539 B.C. -
Allowed Jews to return to homeland 

Son, Cambyses 
		Defeated rest of mesopotamia 

Son, darius - conquers Egypt 

Huge persian empire…

Political Organization
Economic System
Moral Code
Intellectual Divisions

King / Emperor, Provinces - satrapies, satrip - prince / ruler of province 
Farming trade, royal road - transport routers one currency 
"Zoroastrianism, monotheistic good vs evil 
Ahuramazda (good), Ahriman (evil), all humans must choose which path"
Love Poems, ballads, libraues 

	Threatening another great civilization ...Greece 

Persian Wars

Persia vs Greece 

400’s B.C.

Persians eventually defeated 

300’s BC 

Conquered by Alexander the great