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 AP History Study for Test 1
1492 - Columbus Reaches America
1511 - Spanish Settle Cuba
1517 - Reformation Begins
1585 - Colony Started at Roanoke Island The Lost colony
1588 - Defeat of the Spanish Armada - Makes the Spanish seem less of a power 1607 - Jamestown established - First colony
1619 - House of burgesses in Virginia
1620 - Pilgrims settle in Plymouth - Mayflower Compact (self-governing)
1629 - Massachusetts Bay Company receives charter
1634 - Maryland founded
1636 - Connecticut Valley settled
1688 - Glorious Revolution in England - King James II wanted everyone to be Catholic, but there weren’t many Catholics, Parliament said no, and he got kicked out. Parliament then passed a bill of rights to check the king (similar to our bill of rights). Bill of rights did not apply to the colonies.
1692 - Witchcraft trials in Salem
1740 - Great Awakening in colonies
1756-1763 Seven Years war.
Before stepping off of the mayflower, the pilgrims (those whom settled plymouth) agreed to some basic laws and rules, this was the mayflower compact. Notion of self- government was created.
Spanish control florida.
Massachusetts bay colony was john Winthrop, he called it a city on a hill, demonstrating propriety for everyone. They had investors in the society make laws as long as they didn’t contradict england’s.