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	Noblemen Script

Kathryn:  Hello, and welcome to ancient history news show, I’m Kathryn. 

Joe: And I’m Joe, today we have a special guest from ancient Egypt, he is the nobleman.

Kathryn: Everyone give a warm welcome to the nobleman! (Clapping) 

Enter Nobleman

Grayson: Hello, I’m the nobleman from the city of Thebes, in ancient egypt near the Nile river.

Joe: So mister nobleman, what are your jobs and responsibilities in your city?

Grayson: Well, I usually meet the estate overseers, I run plantations, and I make wine. I actually have two main estate overseers, we do everything together. We hunt together, we eat lunch together, and we work together! Oh look! Here they are now!

Blake: Hey, you wanna have lunch?

Grayson: No, I’m working! Can’t you see?

Alex G: Oh, come-on, take a break.

Grayson: I can’t go manage the slaves!

Lucy: No, don’t manage me! Don’t manage me!

Kathryn: So your pretty important in your society?

Grayson: Yes, I have three main tools of trade, they are the gong, gold, and plantation slaves. 

Joe: So what I’ve heard you eat pretty fancy meals, right?

Grayson: Of course, (chuckles) I eat bread and fruit, and lots of meat for banquets, I also drink a LOT of the wine I make. 

Kathryn: So what do you do in your free time?

Grayson: I like to PARTAY, and hunt wildfowl. (Enter Alex D) Oh, look there’s one now! 

Alex .D: Oh no! Don’t shoot me! (Pulls out spear, shoots Alex D, down) 

Joe: Can we eat it? 

Grayson: sure!

Noblemen Script
Blake: Can we eat it with you?

Grayson: NO! Go manage the slaves 

Lucy: Don’t manage me…. Stop (with Blake chasing her off stage) 

Women: No! It’s not fair to have them manage the slaves all the time!

Grayson: Remind me why I married you again

Women: Because I’m hot!!!!

Joe: Thanks for coming! (touch) 

Graham: Stop ect….